Kazakhstan's fifteen million citizens include a wide variety of ethnicities and religions. With a total area of 2,724,900 sq km, Kazakhstan is almost four times the size of Texas and the world's ninth biggest country. Situated on the famous Silk Road, Kazakhstan has always been a meeting point of different peoples and cultures, and it continues to be a curious cross-section of ancient and modern, as well as of Soviet-rooted and Kazakh traditions. Despite losing its status as capital in 1997 to Astana, Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and remains the major commercial and cultural center. Its location on the foothills in southern Kazakhstan creates picturesque views of Almaty with a mountainous background.

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The Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) offers intensive, highly-individualized instruction in more than 15 Eurasian languages, including Armenian, Azeri, Dari, Farsi, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Uzbek. Through homestays, cultural activities, and conversation partners, participants enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in daily local life while receiving ongoing support and guidance from American Councils expert, overseas staff.
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Central Asia's abundant natural resources, highly educated workforce, vast geography, and promising markets have captured the attention of investors and companies around the world. Specially designed for students interested in business, economics, and development, this program examines Central Asia’s energy industry, the politics of oil and gas, and the potential environmental impact of the industry’s rapid growth. It concludes with a weeklong series of meetings and practica with industry executives, analysts, activists, and policy-makers in the energy field.
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Through OPIT's six-week, English-language internships, students gain substantive overseas professional experience and intercultural communication skills demanded by today's global market. American Councils on-site staff arrange internship placements and provide ongoing support to participants. No foreign-language study is required.
American Councils has developed and implemented education programs in the former Soviet Union and Southeast Europe for almost four decades. It has contributed and continues to contribute to the creation of new knowledge, broader professional perspectives, and personal and intellectual growth through international training, academic exchange, collaboration in educational development, and public diplomacy. The OPIT program draws on the vast network of community partners, regional expertise and overseas resources built by American Councils over the years.
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