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2011 Intensive Georgian Language Workshop: Recap

On July 20-29 the first Intermediate Level 10-Day Intensive Georgian Language Workshop took place at the Bazaleti Training Center, a technology equipped academic facility and dormitory located 40 kilometers from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. The goal of the Workshop was to give foreign students of Georgian the opportunity to focus intensively on the language without outside distractions, and in as much of an immersion environment as possible. Students were provided with 30 hours of grammar instruction (three hours per day) and 20 hours of conversation practice (two hours per day), and in the evening Georgian films and lectures were presented. The primary instructor for the workshop was Dr. Ramaz Kurdadze, a professor of Georgian as a foreign language from Tbilisi State University, and an expert in second language acquisition. Five American students participated in the Workshop, including graduate students in history, anthropology and literature from the University of Michigan, City University of New York and Columbia University.