Most of the Tajikistan's population is concentrated in the rich Ferghana Valley to the north and the Hissar and Vakhsh valleys to the south. Ethnically, Tajiks make up the vast majority of the population, with a significant Uzbek minority and Pamiris, Kyrgyz, and Russians rounding out the rest. Tajikistan has always been a meeting point of different peoples and cultures, and it continues to be a unique cross-section of ancient and modern, as well as of Soviet-rooted and Tajik traditions. Its largest city Dushanbe also serves as the capital of Tajikistan.

Language(s) Offered
Persian/Dari, Persian/Farsi, Persian/Tajiki, Uzbek


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The Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) offers intensive, highly-individualized instruction in more than 15 Eurasian languages, including Armenian, Azeri, Dari, Farsi, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Uzbek. Through homestays, cultural activities, and conversation partners, participants enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in daily local life while receiving ongoing support and guidance from American Councils expert, overseas staff.
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