Why Choose American Councils?

For nearly 40 years, American Councils has been a leader in innovative, overseas study abroad programming. Its knowledgeable staff, reputable partners, and expert host-university faculty provide the ideal environment for maximum academic achievement.

Proven Quality Programming

Since 1976, American Councils has operated comprehensive language and cultural immersion programs overseas for thousands of students and scholars. Our participants recognize and trust our:
  • Superior academic programs serving approximately 6,000 U.S. undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty since 1976;
  • Classes at leading host-country universities, taught by university faculty specializing in the instruction of non-native speakers;
  • Highly experienced and accessible resident directors and office personnel overseeing academic, residential, and cultural programs; and
  • Support services, such as 24-hour emergency support from 37 American Councils regional offices and comprehensive overseas medical and accident insurance policies for all participants.

An Experiential Approach to Immersion Learning

Participants greatly benefit from individual attention in our small classes and from interaction with host faculty who have extensive experience teaching American students. In addition to rigorous academic standards in the classroom, American Councils emphasizes immersion opportunities outside the classroom through:
  • Volunteer opportunities at sites such as local public schools, charity organizations, and international NGOs;
  • Meaningful extracurricular activities, such as cultural excursions, discussion groups, and the pursuit of personal interests and hobbies; and
  • Life with host-families, where participants become fully immersed in local language, culture, and cuisine.

U.S. Academic Credit

Participants on all American Councils study abroad programs earn U.S. academic credit through Bryn Mawr College that is then transferred back to the participant's home institution.

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Beyond language, I certainly feel that my overall understanding of Kazakh culture improved significantly due to living with a host family.

--Rebekah, Kazakhstan

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